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Update History.

A data update. Data of various Paphiopedilum hybrids was added.

The latest update of this web site is not a huge one. Besides some behind-the-screens programming the latest published hybrid registrations are added to the web site. Hybrid listings are now complete up to and including June 2017, except for the Paphiopedilum listing which is still a work in progress. Furthermore a link has been added to the Links page.

Let me start by mentioning a couple of new descriptions. A new Paphiopedilum species from Sulawesi, Indonesia has been described on the 1st of July by William Cavestro as Paph. anitanum. (The 5th of July there was a small addendum published with some corrections to this publication.)
And in the beginning of August two new natural hybrids in the genus Phragmipedium, discovered in Colombia, have been described by Guido J. Braem and Eliseo Tesón. They named them Phrag. ×daguense (Phrag. andreettae × Phrag. schlimii) and Phrag. ×narinense (Phrag. anguloi × Phrag. fischeri).

What this web site is concerned I can tell you that I now started to include data of the genus Cypripedium. The list of species is at the moment not without its flaws and still needs some research from my end. What is, as far as I know, complete and correct is the list of their infrageneric hybrids. The hybrid data added is complete up to and including March 2017.
The Phragmipedium infrageneric hybrids also have been updated up to that point.
Also a start has been made adding the infrageneric hybrids of the genus Paphiopedilum. I think that it needs no explaination that this is a major job and will be going on for quite some time before it is done. Please bare with me. I'll get there.

It looks like someone opened a box of new Paphiopedilum taxa recently because new descriptions follow each other fast at the moment. Last month, March, the descriptions of Paph. bungebelangi, Paph. lunatum and Paph. agusii. More recently on 31-Mar-2017 Paph. notatisepalum and 07-Apr-2017 Paph. dodyanum. These new taxa are of course added to the web site.
14-Apr-2017 again a new taxon is described. It is Paph. zulhermanianum Cavestro.

With the upcoming publication of the new book on slipper orchids by Phillip Cribb and Christopher Purver, I decided to add a table of recent monographs of slipper orchid genera. (See below)

The older update history for this web site has been moved to separate pages which can be reached by using the link at the bottom left of the pages. And again some technical updates have been made. The further development and addition of data to Slipperiana continues.

Recently three new species of Paphiopedilum have been described. (See news items at the right side of the screen.) Their names have been added to the web site. Also added are the latest published hybrid registrations. All registrations up to and including december 2016 are now included in the web site, except for Paphiopedilum. Adding the numerous Paphiopedilum hybrids is still a work in progress. The addition of other new data to the web site continues.
On the technical side of the web site there are some changes too. Not directly visible for the visitors of the web site are changes to the programming that forms the engine of the web site. However there is also a visible change. I changed the way the lists are presented so that they are a bit easier on the eyes.

Although some new data has been added this update is mainly an update of the scripting behind the web site.

Update History for 2016